For more than 30 years, the congregation of Wickliffe Christian Church of Youngstown, Ohio showed its caring nature and support of our children, youth and families.  We were clearly saddened to hear that this faithful congregation regretfully celebrated their final worship early last year after deciding to close its doors.

Even in its demise the faithful community wanted to make a difference by gifting the remains of the church’s assets to others in need.  We are honored to have received one final legacy gift from our friends at Wickliffe Christian Church.

Their grace and generosity allowed us to replace two of our older vans so we can continue to transport the kids safely to their appointments and outings.

In a symbolic way, the life of this church lives on in the ministry of help and healing to children in need.

Pictured: A few of the kids in residence showing their appreciation with handmade thank you notes.


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