On Saturday, May 13, the Media Arts Room came alive with sounds of hope and joy thanks to the Rivera Family from the Lakewood New Life Church.

To get things started, Jose Sr. challenged the residents and staff to a “Simon Says” type game. After a few practice rounds, he fired questions at the contestants during two rounds of competition. The players had to use quick thinking and self-control to prevent elimination. The residents put up a good fight, but in the end, only one remained to claim victory.

With Jose Sr., Jose Jr., and Steven playing guitars, the Riveras performed four songs chosen for their messages of hope, inspiration and encouragement, including “This is the Stuff” and “Wake Me Up.” A rousing rendition of “Diamonds” had everyone clapping their hands and joining in on the refrain, “We’re the diamonds, diamonds/Rising about the dust.” The boys were also quick to sing along on the final selection, a rap song titled “Hall of Fame.” Their voices reverberated throughout the building with their cry, “Be a champion, be a champion, be a champion/On the walls of the hall of fame.”

Following the performance, everyone enjoyed a made-to-order ice cream float.

We sincerely thank the Riveras for sharing time with our residents, for filling our halls with the sounds of music and laughter and for filling our hearts with promise for a brighter future.

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