On Wednesday, May 24th, a large group of KeyBank employees spent their afternoon at our Residential Treatment Center as part of KeyBank’s “Neighbors Make the Difference Day.” To demonstrate their support and commitment to the community, Key employees were volunteering at local non-profit organizations throughout the country.

Year after year, we have been fortunate to have a group of enthusiastic and kindhearted volunteers from Cleveland who select CCH as their annual work site.

Their original plan to complete landscaping around the swimming pool and to prepare the deck area was cut short by Mother Nature. After braving the elements for as long as they could, the volunteers were forced indoors to take on other tasks. Working in small groups, they were able to complete several tasks that will benefit our programs and the children we serve.

One group sorted and bundled soup labels that we can now submit for school supplies and equipment. Two groups made significant improvements to our library by sorting, cataloging, and shelving library books that are now available to our boys. At the end of the day, the volunteers contributed to our efforts to show appreciation to our donors by handwriting personal “Thank You” notes.

But on this particular day, all of our thanks belonged to the KeyBank employees for their wonderful show of support and their genuine expression of concern for the children in our care.  Click here to see more photos!

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