On August 19, an eager and well-prepared group of St. Bernadette Parish volunteers descended on the Lorain campus to tackle numerous landscaping projects scattered throughout our property. Teams were assigned to various work details including raking leaves, trimming shrubbery, weeding flowerbeds, and clearing broken branches.

Once this spirited group of volunteers started working, they never stopped and simply moved from one task to another. Through their effort and hard work, the freshly manicured grounds of our Residential Treatment Center are more inviting and beautiful than ever.

As part of this group worked outdoors, other volunteers worked on our school label project, trimming, sorting, and bundling hundreds of labels that had been sent to us by caring groups and individuals. With a deadline to submit drawing near, this task took on extra importance. CCH will exchange these labels for much needed school supplies and equipment.

CCH is happy to welcome St. Bernadette Parish in Westlake, Ohio as one of our new mission partners and we want to thank this diligent group of volunteers for all of their help. You have made a difference!

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