CCH is fortunate to have a staunch contingent of volunteers representing churches, corporations, and civic/fraternal organizations. Their contributions are invaluable to the operation of our programs and they really do make a difference in the lives of the children we serve.

Among these groups, St. Albert the Great in North Royalton has been a steady and faithful supporter of our mission. For their “2017 Service Day” (which actually spanned two days, October 13 & 14), two groups of St. Albert volunteers gave of their time to help maintain the grounds of our Residential Treatment Center. At this time of year, raking leaves tops our “to-do” list, and on both days, these volunteers worked tirelessly on this task.

Counted among both groups were children and adolescents who accompanied their parents on this volunteer project. All of these young people demonstrated a genuine willingness and desire to help, as they worked diligently and without complaint alongside their parents. Their energy and enthusiasm never tapered throughout the day.

CCH wishes to thank all of the dedicated St. Albert the Great volunteers for their help and their continued support.

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