Early Beginnings

Cleveland Christian Home
Cleveland Christian Home 1925

Cleveland Christian Home was founded in 1900 when Rev. Henry Timme, a pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), took in a family of children left on his doorstep. Word soon spread that Rev. Timme’s home was a safe haven for children, and other abandoned or orphaned children followed.

Soon, Rev. Timme was running an orphanage from his home near Broadway & Aetna Avenues in Cleveland.

In 1905, Rev. Timme moved the orphanage to the Bosworth farm on Lorain Avenue, and the orphanage expanded to care for 60 children.

Gorundbreaking Ceremony
Groundbreaking Ceremony

In 1924, with the help of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the farmhouse was replaced with a modern brick building, complete with recreation rooms and dormitories. The Cleveland Christian Home for Children, which is still in use today on Lorain Avenue on Cleveland’s West Side, eventually cared for 100 orphans ranging in age from babies to teenagers.

By the 1960’s, as fewer children were orphaned, Cleveland Christian Home found itself taking care of many children who had been the victims of abuse or neglect. To better care for these children, CCH transformed its orphanage on Lorain Avenue into a residential treatment center for abused and neglected children.

Cleveland Christian Home Today

Today, the Cleveland Christian Home annually provides hope and healing to approximately 500 children, youth and families who are struggling with mental illness, abuse and neglect.

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