No child should have to face the challenges that our kids have faced during their short lives. Many people only see our kids as “problem” children.  Even worse, many don’t see them at all because it’s hard to acknowledge that there are children who need so much help. Cleveland Christian Home makes sure that our children know that someone sees and cares for them.


Community-Based Services Success Story: Alec

Alec Lopano, an 18 year old young man in foster care and receiving services through our Community-Based program, was honored with the David J. Lundeen Achievement Award at our 2013 Homecoming and Awards Luncheon.
Click here to read Alec’s story.
Watch the video presentation.

Residential Treatment Success Story: “John”

“John” is a student at a large state university in Ohio. To look at him and watch him go about the business of pursuing a degree in Mathematics, you would never suspect that there was anything “different” about him, except, perhaps, that he is exceptionally bright and more-than-usually friendly. Certainly you would never picture him as having been an out-of-control adolescent whose life ambition was to “be a gangster,” but that was John when he came to Cleveland Christian Home.
Click here to read John’s story.

Community-Based Services Success Story: Jamila

Jamila was a young woman who, with the help of Cleveland Christian Home’s specialized outpatient counseling program for trauma victims (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), received the first David J. Lundeen Achievement Award at our 2012 Homecoming and Awards Luncheon.
Click here to read Jamila’s story.
Watch the video presentation.


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