Alec LopanoAlec Lopano was a client by Cleveland Christian Home for two years. During his time with CCH he had to overcome a great deal of adversity, including separation from his parents before he was five and multiple foster homes and other placements.

Alec showed remarkable persistence and determination in rebuilding his life and building a strong future for himself. He created a strong relationship with his foster mother and participated in Summit County Children’s Services Leaders of Tomorrow, which seeks to help improve the foster care system, advocate for youth in care, help foster parents and social workers better serve youth, and to promote permanency for all youth.

Alec worked hard to complete high school and was accepted into the University of Akron.

For his hard work, diligence and ongoing success Cleveland Christian Home proudly presented Alec with the 2013 David J. Lundeen Achievement Award.

Dave Lundeen, for whom this award is named, served at the Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland Christian Home for 19 years from 1998 to 2011. This award included a $500 scholarship, donated by Dave, that went towards Alec’s studies at the University of Akron.

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