Cleveland Christian Home’s Residential Treatment Center serves adolescent and teenage boys who are struggling with severe emotional and behavioral disturbances.  Most of these children have been abused or neglected and have been in and out of foster homes and child welfare custody. Some are referred by juvenile court. All are in need of a safe, structured and therapeutic environment where they can heal and prepare to live in the community again.

Residential Treatment CenterOur Residential Treatment Programs are tailored to meet each boy’s needs and include traditional, or “Open” Residential Treatment; Intensive Treatment for children who are in danger of harming themselves or others; and the Hope Center a specialized treatment program for children who have been sexually abused or exposed to inappropriate sexual influences at a young age.

All boys in our residential treatment programs also participate in Partial Hospitalization, an intensive therapeutic program designed to help children and teens overcome behavioral and emotional disturbances, and are assessed and have access to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Program.

Cleveland Christian Home’s Residential Treatment Center also provides short term Shelter Care program for boys awaiting a juvenile court case. Most have been truant, “unruly” or physically or verbally aggressive at home. Many have lived with violence from a young age, or have been left to parent themselves due to a lack of parental support. CCH provides these youth with a crucial “time out” from life on the streets or juvenile detention – including a structured, supportive environment, schooling, recreation, group discussions and mental health assessments.

For more information on residential treatment call 216.416.4277


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