March 2020 Updates

Dear Friends,

In response the COVID-19 virus and its potential to spread, Cleveland Christian Home is taking every measure to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the kids and staff. In addition to protocol set forth by the State of Ohio, we are working to ensure that hands are thoroughly washed, all surfaces are disinfected, and outside visitation is minimized to absolute necessity.

Cleveland Christian Home will continue its regular operations, providing treatment in a therapeutic environment where our kids can work to address trauma, emotional problems, and behavioral disturbances. Therapy is hard work.  Our kids continue to amaze me with their resilience, and our staff deserve to be duly commended for their dedication and hard work. Especially now.

What can you do to help?

Do what you’ve always done: support our efforts, our events, our kids and their treatment. Even though schools, stadiums, and offices are closed, we are not. We will need your support just as we always have, if not more.

Thank you for all that you do and be safe.

With Love,
Judith Mansour
Chief Development Officer

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