What’s New at CCH? Sept. 2022

It’s Not About Survival

We all experience occasional stress or anxiety that affects our mood, thought process or even our success. These are relatively minor situations for most of us. For too many children, however, these situations escalate to daily crisis that can quickly spiral out of control.

A Cleveland Christian Home employee recalled an alarming discussion on this topic—the sad realities but also the positive and warm outcomes through CCH programs. She recently shared her story:

I was having lunch with a long-time supporter of the Cleveland Christian Home several years ago now, and he startled me when he said, “There are some people who would not want to help our boys…they {our boys} are the kind of boys who would egg your house, scare your kids, terrorize your pets…they show bad judgment and have a short fuse.” He shocked me in saying this, given his generosity, but he continued on. “They do the things they do so that they can survive, but it seems that once they start down that path, they can’t seem to shift gears.”

This friend was right. This is what trauma does to our brains if we don’t address it—it literally changes how our brains receive and compute information. The sound of a car coming up the drive may be a signal that you had better put whatever you are doing aside because violence is going to erupt as soon as whoever is in that car comes through the door. Every time that child hears a car his proverbial—and sometimes literal—fists go up.

Our work is to help kids address fear, anger, or whatever difficult emotion they are experiencing before a fight-or-flight response sets in. All of us know the feeling of panic; it’s physiological, and our brains tell our bodies what to do. Reason is gone, logic is gone, sensibility gone. But there are tell-tale signs: prickly hairs on the back of your neck, sweaty palms, fast heartbeat.

The CCH team teaches the children to tune into those things, harness that energy, and use it to help themselves calm down with breathing, self-talk, exercise, drawing, journaling, listening to music–being mindful of the signals in their bodies that are flashing red lights for danger.

Help us to be the green light of hope, safety, and discernment. Survival is a wonderful skill but it’s no way to live.

CCH helps provide the children with hope and energy, guiding them down the right path. It’s more than survival!

Introducing Maureen Horton

Cleveland Christian Home is pleased to welcome and introduce Maureen D. Horton as Director of Development. Horton brings extensive experience in philanthropy and fundraising for local universities, hospitals and other non-profits.

“Maureen’s background and passion will help us identify and drive new opportunities that support our mission,” said Chuck Tuttle, CEO of Cleveland Christian Home. “Her contributions will have a meaningful impact on the great initiatives and programs in store for the kids who need our support.”

She joined CCH August 1st, and has already been active writing grant proposals and engaging with community partners. “I am still figuring my way around,” Horton chuckled, “But I’m impressed with what I see…how the therapist and workers look at the boys and figure out ways to help them.”

Horton began her career selling computers and network systems. “I was a road warrior introducing products and generating interest to customers throughout northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania,” she stated.

Fast-forward through the joys of motherhood and experiencing wild swings in business, Horton transferred the passion she found in “generating interest” selling network systems, to a passion for volunteer work. It was through volunteering that Horton was introduced to the development field, which launched her pursuit for a career in fundraising. “It engaged my experiences as a sales person and combined it with my passions for scholarship and service – fundraising engaged my brain (my head) and my heart,” Horton commented.

Horton expanded her experience and honed new skills working for Kent State University, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and United Way, prior to joining Cleveland Christian Home.

“I already know this is a really special place.” Horton exclaimed. “And it is with Cleveland Christian Home that I have discovered the opportunity to help some of our most wounded children in the greatest need.  I feel good about where I am today!”

Maureen Horton

Long Drive!

This past year’s Scramble for Kids was the most successful in the organization’s history. We sold out the event months in advance and raised more than $124,000. Thank you to our donors, volunteers, and everyone who participated in this great event. A special note of gratitude to our sponsors: Fortney & Weygant, Portfolio, BioThane, JSS Electric, Electronic Merchant Systems, Ciuni & Panichi, and NFP Corporate Services.

Shaker Heights Country Club proved to be an ideal venue and we have committed to the club to return next year, on Monday, June 26, 2023. So please mark your calendars and keep an eye out for more information as it develops. We will be seeking additional sponsors and participants, and potentially expanding the event in new ways. We are looking for ways for non-golfers to participate as well.

$5 Million Capitol Campaign to Support Structural and Residential Improvements

Our contracting team worked hard all summer to make badly needed repairs and renovations to our home. We are implementing trauma-informed design—an extension of trauma-informed care—which aims to create physical spaces that promote safety, well-being, and healing. Thankfully, Phase I is completed which included renovations to the two floors containing the residential and common rooms, and a new accessibility ramp.

We need your help to complete Phase II which will address the kitchen, dining, and therapeutic spaces. For our boys, providing safe, modern facilities is more than a luxury. It represents a key element in healing from unimaginable trauma most people will never experience.

Please review our progress and consider supporting this important capital campaign.



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